Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Valentine’s Day iPhone Skin Design Competition 2010

JuJups is about letting you create. For this Valentine’s Day, we invite you to create a iPhone / iPod Touch skin for your loved one and stand a chance to win prizes. Invite others to vote and comment on your designs.

To enter the contest, simply login (or create a JuJups account if you haven't one) and design a Valentine’s Day skin online using JuJups. When you create, make sure you click on "I'm Done" button to save your completed design and tag your design “Valentine”. Also do not forget to re-name your design. Untagged and un-named skin designs will not be entered into the competition.

Deadline for last submission : 12th Feb 2010

Prizes :

TOP Prize:
Exclusive limited edition embroidery & leather laptop skin for 13.3” Macbook + Personalized iPhone/iPod Touch skin

2nd & 3rd Prize:
Personalized iPhone / iPod Touch skin each

Rules :

There's no limit on how many designs you can create. You can even create as many designs as you want to increase the chance of winning! Best designs will be determined by users' vote and judges’ decision. So get your friends to register and vote.

Self-voting and voting under different names are easily detected in our system. Such votes will be removed and those who resort to such practices may be disqualified from competitions.

More Details :

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Blogger g u n y h @ k e said...

Jujups seems to have new competition now. Create a Visit Sri Lanka 2011 T-Shirt Contest, 3 FREE t-shirts to be given away. Not bad!

The URL is here

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good info, thank for sharing :0

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